для установки приложений и настройки ограничений

PlayPad is a new generation of tablet computers that are designed for children of two years and above.

For healthy development and fun.

Keep websites
which your kid will visit under your personal control.

You can add and delete websites addresses in your personal account.

It takes less than 30 seconds until all changes take effect on a tablet computer

Control the time that children spend on PlayPad

You can set a time limit for one application or group of applications from your personal account.

For example:
games — 2 hours per day,
education — 1 hour.

Manage your tablet
computer even
if your kid has lost it.

If someone tries to turn on your tablet computer then the message that you have set up in your personal account will appear on the screen.

Nobody can use
the tablet computer
after you have blocked its use.

PlayPad —
your child’s
personal gadget.

It helps children to develop and have fun at the same time!

While under careful
parent control from
your personal account.

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